And, why would you listen to him?

Sid is a champion of the relationship-building style of selling and self-promotion. The concept of “pushing people to buy” is an ambush. Your main job today is to help the client make informed decisions that feel right to the client!This low-key approach is accomplished by interviewing the client, educating the client on the best solutions for their situation, and ongoing communication to facilitate the best possible result for the client while putting the client’s interests first.

Sid has been a peak performance sales coach to over 5,000 sales executives of the past thirty-five years. His specialty has been financial advisors and residential real estate agents. He regularly helps sales professionals double their incomes within a few months and has helped many clients exceed $1,000,000 of annual income.

Sid is an Amazon Best-Selling author with seven books on topics including:overcoming call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion; interviewing to get more client commitment, how to develop the confidence to prospect for bigger clients, and how to "get on a roll" and "stay on a roll" in a sales career.

ConquerCallReluctance.com (book site, Amazon #1 Best-Seller)
Fearless-Prospecting.com (internet course on overcomingcall reluctance)
SellingWithoutWrestling.com (huge, free website for financial advisors)
LivingInTheZone.info (latest book site - Kindle, Paperback, Audible)
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sidwalker3/