Conquer Sales Call Reluctance and prospecting Avoidance Now!


My name is Sid Walker.

I help salespeople and anyone who promotes or sells as part of their job, to overcome prospecting avoidance or what is often called sales call reluctance or sales call resistance.

In the process of overcoming this type of psychological barrier to peak performance…my coaching clients experience a state of mind that makes them unstoppable toward achieving the things they want in life.

This short guide will show you how...

  • Recognize the negative self-talk that is keeping you stuck.
  • Reprogram your automatic response toward prospecting.
  • See how your ego is the source of all negativity and is the single thing holding you back.
  • Learn to ignore your ego so it is powerless to take away your confidence and keep you from taking the risks you want to take.
  • Learn how to shift to a bigger perspective so you can focus on the thoughts that will break the chains of your resistance.
  • Develop prospecting language that you are comfortable with that gets results from the kind of people you want to work with in all scenarios (phone, in-person,tele-conference).
  • Develop a “warm-up” that will help you maintain the state of mind that will make you unstoppable.
  • Have the benefit of skilled coaching support to implement and maintain your breakthrough.

If you are intrigued, it doesn’t cost anything to talk for 30 minutes to see if we are a match for a coaching project. And, I can give you proven strategies that I use every day on this initial call.

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  • My job is to create pathways to find ideal clients and for them to find me.
  • As a relationship builder (not a client controller), you are looking for people who show some interest. You are not looking for people to sell. You need to promote what you do and enroll people (pull them in), not sell (push, manipulate, try to talk people into things).
  • Prospecting is a matching process not a sales process (assuming you’re a relationship builder). Your matching chemistry and timing.
  • My job is to be inviting and intriguing, and then enroll those who want to learn and grow.
  • Any negative thoughts about prospecting or its results is the ego and needs to be ignored. This is huge! Don’t negatively judge prospecting before, during or after!
  • Practice staying in the present moment of now, neutral, non-judgmental, awareness of what to do intuitively, enjoying the process. You are looking for gold (you toss a lot of rocks), maintain an overall positive perspective no matter what happens. Don’t allow yourself to become negative (doubtful) under any circumstances. This takes practice.
  • It’s ok for people to not be interested.
  • The only way to fail at prospecting is not to do it!
  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

There are hundreds of phrases you can use for a warm-up. The goal is to find the phrases that deeply resonate with you and give you the edge of confidence that will allow you to take more risks.

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Sid Walker Biography

Sid Walker has been a peak performance sales coach, author, and speaker for more than 35 years. He's coached a wide variety of sales occupations. His specialty is financial advisors and real estate agents.Sid is credited for helping many of his clients reach $1,000,000 per year in commissions. Also, Sid’s Book on how to increase in your prospecting by overcoming call reluctance is an Amazon #1 Best-seller

Most important, Sid has developed a way to teach his clients to stay “in the Zone” (also the title of Sid’s newest book: Living in the Zone.) Most people relate to the amazing experience of being in the Zone, when you are totally focused on what you are doing in a relaxed way. The critical voice of the ego disappears and you focus on doing what feels intuitively right moment by moment. In this state, whatever you do seems to work, often in ways you never expected.

What Sid describes as the secret to “working in the Zone,” and his biggest breakthrough in his peak performance research to date, is to understand how the ego works to sabotage our progress and maintain the status quo. This is why change is so hard for most people. We are conditioned by the ego to resist real change at all costs. You must learn to recognize the logical yet suspect voice of the misguided ego and, most important, you must learn to ignore that voice.

This skill opens the door to being able to hear the quieter voice of your intuition, a required skill for being in the Zone. Furthermore, the only way to conquer all barriers to peak performance is to learn how to stay in the Zone. It is easier than you might think, but it does take guts to go against the ego’s conventional wisdom and trust your intuitive instincts. The good news is that being in the Zone is a lot more fun and profitable. Bottom line, you make a lot more of the right decisions and tend to avoid costly mistakes when you are aware of being in the Zone.

Sid has dedicated his coaching practice to teaching sales executives how to stay in the Zone and create the regular breakthroughs and miracles that are the natural result of this approach. Sid’s battle cry: “Learn to ignore the negative self-talk of the ego and trust your intuitive instincts as if your life depended on it!” This is the most powerful skill set you can develop in business and in life.”

CLICK HERE a set up a Strategy Call. Fill out the short application so I know more about you and that will take you to my calendar.