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False self created by other people’s opinions of you.

Real self accessed from your intuition, conscience, and soul.

Has an illusion of separation from Source.

One with the Source/God/Universe.

Created from birth forward by what you perceive others think of you.

You are born with your Spirit Self intact. It is complete and ready for a newlife.

Focused on survival and the assurance of survival.

Focused on fulfilling its visions, purpose, mission, calling.

Has a fear you might not survive.

Doesn’t think negative thoughts.

Lives in the past and the future.

Lives in the present moment.

Data is based on past experience.

Data source immeasurable, total recall.

Likes status quo/comfort zone, resistant to change, innovation, andcreativity.

Confident in ability to adapt and find workable solutions to any challenge.

Looks for what is wrong and what could go wrong.

Assumes you will be shown how to succeed in any situation.

Constantly judging and evaluating.

Listens for what feels intuitively right.

External focus forinformation.

Internal focus forinformation.

Controlling; needsto be right about the information it has collected or believes.

Flowing; looks forwhat feels intuitively right, or what works with good for all.

Tries to protect youfrom what is happening or could happen.

Focused on respondingappropriately in the present moment.

Tries to avoid mistakes.

Sees mistakes asrequired to succeed.

Seesa scarcity of resources.

Sees an abundance ofresources.

Gets analyticalunder pressure, wants observable proof before taking action.

Trusts life’sprocess. Trusts that an answer or solution will appear in time.

Trusts observableproof and the five physical senses.

Intuition trumpsintellect for direction and timing. Recognizes unseen influences.

Exclusive: “You OR me.”

Inclusive: “You AND me.”

Limited creativitywithin a framework.

Unlimitedimagination and creativity.

Scared, cautious.

Fearless, undaunted.

Fun is coasting,being entertained.

Fun is challenge,innocent pleasures.


A lot of things in life appear to be totally out of our control.However, we seem to have a say about some of the things thathappen in our lives because of our creative ability. Quantum scientists keep uncovering new versions of this theme. Some say our creative ability is far more powerful than we ever imagined.

Two fascinating concepts from Quantum Physics stand out. One, solid matter is not really solid but mostly space and energy. Could that be a form of intention? Two, at the smallest possible level that we can see, what we see changes depending on who is looking at it. In other words, what you think you see is what gets created! I wonder how much of that we are doing?

However it works, a great way to jump-start the creative process is to ask yourself a question. Then you can see what pops into your mind or go deeper and ask yourself, “What do I really want to create?” “What feels intuitively right to me?”

Here is a list of questions to get you started. The real list is endless.
What do I want to see?
What do I want to feel?
What do I want to experience?
What do I want to experience once?
What do I want to experience more than once?
What do I want to experience on a regular basis?
What do I want to touch?
What do I want to taste?
What do I want to smell?
What do I want to witness?
What do I want to do?
What do I want to master?
What do I want to be good at?
What do I want to learn?
What do I want to study?
What do I want to maintain?
What do I want to grow?
What do I want to stop doing?
What do I want to enhance in my life?
What do I want more of?
What do I want less of?
What do I want to get rid of?
What do I want to give up?
What do I want to add to my life? What do I want that I don’t have?
What would make me happy?
What would empower me?
What would be an outrageous goal for me that somehow feels right?
What do I really want to feel, and what do I need to do to feel that?
Write down the answers and any other questions that popped into your head as you read this list. Those are usually important clues.


Books by Paramahansa Yogananda ( My favorite spiritual author and meditation resource, brilliantly clear and understandable. Many practical books, booklets, and audio on how to live life to its fullest. Self-Realization Fellowship is the organization in the US.

Landmark Education ( Group training on how to be more effective in fulfilling what’s important to you by having more power, freedom, and full self-expression. They don’t advertise—you have to be invited. There is a free presentation by a master trainer every month in major cities. You are now officially invited to check out this resource. Seriously consider doing the initial training, called The Forum. It is a weekend everyone should experience. The basic training is now being taught in nine languages in over thirty countries. The Landmark Curriculum is one of the most powerful training programs for learning to do what you need to do.

Motivation Management Service ( New York Times best-selling author Dr. Cherie Carter Scott and her sister Lynn Stewart are my intuitive coaching mentors. They have been leaders in the coaching field since 1975 and are experts on how to get past negativity, blocked feelings, and the barriers to finding your authentic self.

Books by Steven Pressfield: The War of Art—Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles; Do The Work; Turning Pro; and The Legend of Bagger Vance, subsequently produced as a feature film by Robert Redford starring Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize Theron.

Books by Timothy Gallwey: The Inner Game of Tennis, The Inner Game of Golf, and Inner Skiing. Sports coach and business consultant with a profound and practical understanding of the power of intuition.
Books by Eric Butterworth: In the Flow of Life and Spiritual Economics. A revered author in my library. Eric was a Unity minister in Detroit who had thousands attending his service every Sunday. A master of “staying in the flow,” backing it all up with scripture.

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought — A

Book for People with Any Life-Threatening Illness Including Life by Peter McWilliams. A comprehensive encyclopedia on positive thinking endorsed by both Oprah Winfrey and Larry King.



Sid Walker is a pioneer, an innovator, and a seeker of empowering solutions to the challenges we face in sales and communication.
As an executive outplacement coach, Sid had several Fortune 500 clients by age twenty-eight. Hearing a call to expand his coaching skills, Sid found New York Times best-selling author Dr. Cherie Carter Scott, who is considered the mother of coaching. Sid was certified as a coach by her training company, Motivation Management Service (, in 1982.
In 1988, Sid wrote his first book, Trusting YourSelf (updated to Trust Your Gut in 2004). He then focused on the financial services industry as a coach. Sid has coached more than 2,000 advisors. He is the founder of, an extensive training site for advisors who are advocates of the low-key or no sales pressure approach. A large percentage of Sid’s coaching clients have become sales production leaders in their respective fields.
Sid has written a collection of nonfiction softcover books, ebooks, and hundreds of articles. His best-selling book is How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions.
After rising to the leadership level of many contemporary training programs and thousands of hours as a sales performance coach to many talented and gifted people, Sid found the message he wants to share. Teach entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople how to move away from the restrictions of the selfish, limited ego and develop a stronger relationship with their boundless, intuitive spirit. The plan is to continue to coach, speak, and write books on this topic.
Sid currently has an individual coaching practice and does periodic tele-webinars and limited speaking engagements. For current contact info, go to:


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– Nonfiction –

TRUST YOUR GUT — How to Overcome the Obstacles to

HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR SALES BY ASKING A FEW MORE QUESTIONS — Making More Sales by Helping People Get What THEY Really Want

THE PROSPECTING MENTALITY — How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Procrastination, and Sleepless Nights


– Visionary Fiction –



Dear Reader,

I like to tell people you don’t need to hire a coach. You will eventually figure out how to succeed as long as you don’t quit. The reason you hire a coach is to speed up the process. I can cut years off the learning curve and have saved a lot of careers by helping people increase their sales within a few weeks.

My specialty is financial advisors primarily because they have one of the most challenging sales jobs. When you are selling intangible products like investments and life insurance, the product doesn’t sell itself because it’s usually just a piece of paper. You have to trust the advisor. I am an expert on how to create a meaningful level of trust in the first interview.

My clients include financial advisors, coaches, consultants, product reps, MLM, entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors, professionals, career changers, and retiring professional athletes.

I’m a champion of the low-key approach, which is to help your client figure out what they want and then help them get it without sales pressure. I have created a lot of millionaires who lead their companies in sales and don’t use any sales techniques whatsoever!

If you want to explore the possibility of working together, send me an email with your contact info so we can set up a time to talk. We can get to know each other a little and see if we might be a good match for a coaching project. Kind regards,


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If you like something about a book, write a review. A couple of sentences are all you need, along with a subject line. Of course, you can write more.
Answer any of the following questions and you’ve got a review…

  • What did you like about the book?
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  • What moved you?
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