How I Conquered Call Reluctance, Fear of Self-Promotion & Increased My Prospecting by Sidney C. Walker


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"I don't think you can read this book and not make more prospecting calls!"

 – Sid Walker




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"This book gets all the "players" on the table. Best book I've ever read on call reluctance and prospecting. Anyone looking to grow their business will find great value in these pages."

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"I have never seen so much practical truth about the reality of prospecting in one place. This is an awesome resource I will refer to often."

 – Darla Starr;




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How I Conquered Call Reluctance, Fear of Self-
Promotion & Increased My Prospecting

by Sidney C. Walker



This book will help you conquer call reluctance and fear of self-promotion.

Everybody is promoting something, and most people have some resistance to the process of getting other people interested in whatever you are offering.

The resources in this book are a reflection of thirty-plus years as a full-time sales performance coach. This information has helped thousands of people break through their barriers and find the will to make the prospecting calls they need to make. Many different perspectives are presented because everyone is different. The key is finding a state of mind that allows you to take action.

From a bigger perspective, this book is about how to positively deal with the resistance you have to doing what you need to do to succeed. There is a part of you that doesn't want to take any risks, but there is a part of you that is practically fearless. If you can learn to block out the part that is putting on the brakes and listen more carefully to the part that can do anything, you can find a way to make the prospecting calls you need to make! That is the promise of this book!





“Sid helped me develop an approach to prospecting and self-promotion that took me from struggling…to being in the top 1% of my company of 7,000 reps. If you are facing this kind of challenge, this book is the perfect place to start!"

 – Randall G. Riley, CLU, ChFC; Northwestern Mutual





“I nearly quit my sales position in my tenth year working in downtown Manhattan. A turning point was learning the psychology of Sid's approach to overcoming prospecting resistance which is timeless and priceless. Within a year, I was earning over $1 million a year. It's all right here in this book.”

 – Barbara Treadwell, CLU, ChFC, CFP; Treadwell & Associates



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